Top 5 Must Have Camera Accessories

Camera AccessoriesOwning a camera is not enough to prove that you are a photography freak. You have to take good care of your camera so as to ensure its durability as well as its picture quality. You spend a lot on purchasing a camera; few bucks need to be spent on getting its accessories to get the best photography experience.

To add on to your hobby of photography, best camera accessories will definitely help you get the amazing shots. Many retailers and camera shops can offer you with the stirring camera equipment so that you are never disappointed with your photography sessions or plans. You may always opt for shopping Camera accessories online from Amazon at ease that too at discounted prices using Amazon coupons. Following is the list and description of the top five must-have camera accessories:

1. Camera Bag: Even if you have a small camera and a single lens; a good quality bag can always become an aid for you to keep your camera dust free and safe while traveling. The delicate items of the camera like lens, buttons or screen may never get affected when kept safe in the Camera bag.

These days there are a variety of bags available as per ones comfort in shops in the market or online retailers like Amazon so that it becomes easier for you to carry everything for outings.

Backpacks have ample space for your camera and other accessories. It becomes little rough to use it as that may reduce your speed of photography while traveling, sling bags or shoulder bags might help to resolve this issue and are quite convenient to use too. Now it’s upon you to either carry a backpack or a sling bag that will enable you to get the most in less time period.

Many kinds of bags are available online at Amazon that can be availed at concessional prices using Amazon India Coupon. The price of the bag ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,500.

2. Additional lenses: Your camera might come with better zooming or other options to get wider pictures, but you will always feel a need for more lenses at varied places so as to enjoy taking much remoter pictures with amazing resolutions.

You may opt for Canon or Nikon lens available at Amazon for better focal length and blur background. The rates of lens range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000 and Amazon India Coupons can be used to get discounts on items. You can even use smartphone zooming lenses for high resolution.

3. Tripod: A tripod should be an essential part of your camera accessories so as to give the most required angle and sharpness to the pictures to be clicked. A good quality camera tripod is always assistance in better photography experience. It lets you hold your camera at correct angle and place while taking amazing shots.

A tripod should never be of a bad quality that it keeps shaking in between photography session. A steady tripod is an addition to picture quality. Also, make sure you pick up a tripod that won’t take enough space and can be folded while traveling. The lightweight and convenient tripod is difficult to find at cheaper prices but is always an aid in your experience. The best quality tripod might range from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 6,000 on retail shops or online.  

Also, your tripod may come with its head which joins the camera and the tripod, but if your camera doesn’t fit with it, you can buy it separately according to your need. The tripod head can range between Rs. 200 to Rs. 2,000.

4. Remote release: There are two types of camera releases that enable you to take pictures of remote areas without touching the camera buttons. You may easily fir the camera at a place using a tripod and click pictures using remotes.

Few remotes get attached to the camera but never ensure long-distance pictures while wireless remotes can let you click pictures after the needed duration. Though cameras come with the timer option, remotes are a better decision. You need not hold camera always to take selfies; remote releases can do the task for you while you sit in its front getting yourself clicked. You can easily get remotes at low prices from Amazon ranging from Rs. 200 to Rs. 500.

5. Reflectors: In order to get best quality pictures and to brighten up your images, reflectors are the best way to enhance the worth of your portraits or to get high-end photography experience. You can easily give professional look to your photographs using reflectors while taking shots. The reflectors are amazing to use indoor or even outdoors. You may use the lights and reflectors to shift shadow and improve picture quality.

Reflectors come in a wide range from white to black, silver, gold or in translucent effects. White reflector helps to diffuse or moderate the dense lights like sunlight and use it according to the need in pictures. And other reflectors have their own impact that can be suitably used for the quality images of your choice. Reflectors come at pocket-friendly prices but if you cannot afford to purchase them, use a cardboard with white sheet or silver foil without any expense to enhance your photography experience.

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