Top 10 Features of WhatsApp That You Should Know

Living in the Era where technology is evolving at whirlwind speed, so does our favorite applications. Having 700 million active users and counting WhatsApp has developed from offering basic features to explicit services! Many of us are unaware of the icing features that WhatsApp offers.  How one can use just a single application and get access to various needs which earlier required multiple applications.

Whatsapp is becoming a one shop stop for the users. And it has a regular 25 million downloads every day. Whatsapp updates are unbelievable. Every update is just another blessing for the users. As it shortens the list of application a person has to use to do multiple tasks.

So what are they? And how does it work?

Well, this article will give you an insight of how many crazy features WhatsApp offers us!

Following are the top 10 features of WhatsApp

  1. Every one of us wants to be heard and even sound witty and cool are the same time. So what do we do about it? That we our chat becomes interesting?

Are you aware of the Bold, Italics and strikethrough text feature of WhatsApp? Well, it is simple if a user wants to –

  • Make the text bold – put *hello* before and after the text to make the text
  • Make the text italic- put _hello_ before and after the text to make the text hello.
  • Have a strike through text- Put ~hello ~ before and after the text to have a strike through text.

2. So how many of us are yet not handy with E-mails to send all the important documents and Pdf? Well, teenagers nowadays have got it all in their one smartphone. All you need to do is use WhatsApp!

Whatsapp users can now even send all documents and pdfs via the app.

3. Worried about your data package? But still want to use WhatsApp call facility?

Well, WhatsApp even allows their users to know about how much data was consumed by them in a particular WhatsApp call. Isn’t it incredible? Apps Like GBWhatsapp which are WhatsApp mods, helping users to reduce data usage by compressing chats.

4. Everyone is familiar with the WhatsApp feature of staring the message. Now no longer a user has to go to everyone’s chat to search their starred message. A user can see a series of their accumulated starred message just in one go!

All you have to do is go to your setting’s option, on the right top most corner you will find ‘Starred message’

You can even tap on each of the starred messages and see the chat context.

5. How promptly do you forget your important appointments and dates? Well if you are a busy bee and it becomes hard for you to remember your important meetings. Whatsapp can even help you with it! All you need to do is just fix a date and you can directly link it to your calendar. One can even use specific dates and never miss their appointments.

But this feature is limited only to the iPhone users and android users have to just wait for this awesome update on their smartphone.

Once this is done, barely you will be missing on your important dates.

6. You want to keep safe all your memorable chat? And some special videos? But facing a crisis in your mobile storage? Or accidentally you deleted your all data?

Well if this is so then this feature is your best option. Whatsapp allow the users to back up their chats as well as their videos.

All they need to do is go to their

  1. a) Settings.
  2. b) Choose option chat.
  3. c) Click on include videos.

Now all your data is safely backed up by WhatsApp and use it like your digital diary.

7. So what WhatsApp has even cut down the traditional way to reply to a message?

What we all are aware of it and I am sure we even used it at some point in time! To just cut the chase and reply ASAP! One can even reply from the chat pop up.

This feature is only available for android users.

8. Think someone is avoiding you? And want to know if they read your message or no? Well if this is the case a WhatsApp user can even find out about who read their message and when? Isn’t it just what you wanted?

All you have to do is go to the chat of the particular person hold the text until it turns blue and then click on the I option on the task bar. And you will figure out if the person read your message or no and for the iPhone users they have to hold the chat and swipe left to discover if the person read the chat or no.

9. Mute chat groups- getting disturbed by the unwanted chat messages of a group? Want to get rid of it? Well if yes, then WhatsApp has a feature of mute the chat too! A user can mute the chat for the choice of duration he/she wants to.

All he has to do is tap into the group you want to mute open it and just below the group picture the option of mute the group is available.

10. Want to know where your friend is? Or is it an emergency to know someone’s exact location?

A user can even send their exact location to their near and dear ones via the application.

Just click on the share location option and on the GPS.

One can even add their location of choice and send but then there is a way to discover if the location being sent is the exact location or made up location. If the location is via GPS then there will be a dropped pin appearing and if the location is made up then the address will be appearing against the dropped pin.

Well, these were some incredible feature of WhatsApp. India being one of the top most user of this application. I hope the article will be quite informative.

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