7 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Blog

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Blog

The Selection of the correct CMS platform for our site is hard as it consequently to dampens the site’s SEO and growth potential. Someone of the basic reasons why people opt for WordPress. The figure that one-third of all the websites is dependent on WordPress tells us how useful it is for bloggers as well as the commercial sites.

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Blog.

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Blog.

Next, come the seven reasons that define the importance of WordPress as your CMS platform:


There is no worry about creating user friendliness when you set up a WordPress, and it’s such an easy task that anyone can perform it. The whole platform of WordPress was created in a very crystal and clear way, where in you can easily implement and use all the functions. It’s all the more easy to start a blog or a website without even investing any amount in a team of experts to make a website for you.

Moreover, the procedure of updating to the latest version of the platform is quite easy and can be performed by anyone who is in touch with the platform.

2.Customization and Features:

The customization options are simply awesome. If you happen to be an expert, and you know how to code, it’s possible to create your themes or change the existing ones. If not, there are end number of themes available online that had been designed for blogging, etc.

Along with the customization trends, there is also the potential to add further functions to your WordPress website, by installing different plugins.

Yes, selecting the best selling ones is important for letting people share your matter on social media. It is even possible to add extra security or improve the functioning of the website under the hood. All these options are a reason for creating a significant number of users who are using WordPress for their blogs.

3.Support Community:

As its an open source project, there is and has to be a great supporting community; that is continuously working on upgrading their CMS. That’s why there are some updates regularly coming, and the forums too on the website can be pretty helping by sorting the problem faced by the user at any point of time.

This is worth, as it is sure that the user can depend on this solution in the future also without having a tension about the ongoing support of the company for the product.

The present scenario of the WordPress proves that it would keep on expanding positively, and it’s going to be supported for some coming years.

4.It is Free:

The entire CMS platform is entirely free to use. It is another positive advantage about open source designs. It is at the top of the list of reasons why people choose to adopt this platform. However, despite the point that there is an extensive type of free plugins and themes, there are those that come with a price, but this is entirely optional, and it ultimately depends on the user’s requirements. To run WordPress, all you need is a domain name and web hosting. We recommend you to use Everdata because they are offering very reliable hosting services at affordable prices and they are having their own Tier III data centers.

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Building a website needs people to take various essential steps, one of which is improving the safety of the site. Especially, all the necessary security features are involved in the WordPress installation. It is possible to add added security to WordPress by installing plugins or adding some code.

6.It is a Modern CMS Platform:

Modern here defines the new potential of the CMS with novel technologies. As the current terms tell us that more and more people are accessing websites from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The fact that WordPress is already accustomed to mobile devices and can ensure a huge lot of mobile traffic. Also, there are no necessary steps to be taken care of while using as it is entirely mobile friendly. Therefore, following the recent trends We can get a significant amount of traffic.

7.The Platform is SEO Friendly:

This is imperative as it makes it very easy for people to locate their website online. Furthermore, it protects time as you don’t have to go through all the similar options laid down by the search engines while ranking your website. By installing some useful SEO plugins,

It is achievable to enhance the SEO more regarding friendliness. These make it easier for users to edit the robots.txt and XML sitemaps that are essential when a search engine indexes your blog or site.

These are most of the basic reasons to go for CMS and if you wish to run a blog WordPress is the perfect line to go on with.

Tip: This question creates doubts in the mind of the newbie bloggers. In the beginning, they are not able to judge the difference between the Free and Self Hosted Platform of WordPress i.e. WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org.  Let’s have a look at the detailed difference with an infographic.

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