Movavi Photo Noir – Review

Movavi Photo Noir – Review

As most photographers know all too well – black and white is far from ‘just’ black and white. In conventional photography, the different lenses and light exposure create stunning shades when snapping monochrome pictures and that is something that digital photography has attempted to replicate for quite some time.

While you could use a photo editor to edit your photo, turn it black and white and then tinker with it until its shades are just right – there is an easier way. With Movavi Photo Noir ( you’ll be able to benefit from a specialized software that is designed to bring that classic black and white photography style to life.

Movavi Photo Noir - Review

Movavi Photo Noir – Review

Regardless of the format of your photo, Movavi Photo Noir will be able to switch it to black and white with just a simple click of the button. In fact, it will let you choose from among 14 artistic black and white filters, each of which will provide a different element of shading that you find in professional monochrome photography.

If you want to exert a bit more control over the shades in your photo, you could adjust and refine the settings manually. Once again Movavi Photo Noir will make this easy and allow you to simply adjust sliders to control the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma, exposure, shadows, highlights, and so on. With a bit of practice, you could very quickly learn how to fine tune your photos so that they really do appear picture perfect.

One interesting variant of monochrome photography consists of a black and white photo but with the main element in full color. Needless to say that will contrast it sharply against the background and make it all the more vivid by comparison. Using Movavi Photo Noir you can create that effect easily as well and all you need to do is paint over the main element that you want to appear in full color to select it, and then let the software handle the rest.

Make no mistake, Movavi Photo Noir can also edit your photo in other ways, and will give you the means to improve its composition, alter the frame, and crop or rotate it if need be as well. Suffice to say, it has everything that is needed to create stunning monochrome masterpieces from your photos, and the best part is you don’t need to be a professional to do so.

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