Activate WhatsApp Video Calling in Your Android Phone – 2.16.80 WhatsApp Apk

Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature in Your Android Phone – 2.16.80 WhatsApp Apk

Few Days Back the UI of WhatsApp Video Calling feature was leaked online and was expected to get the same feature soon and Today finally in the new WhatsApp Update ( Version 2.16.80 ) for Android got WhatsApp Video Calling Feature.

whatsApp Video Calling Feature

whatsApp Video Calling Feature

The Latest Version of WhatsApp in iOS is 2.16.2 but the WhatsApp Video Calling is not yet seen in this update. But the WhatsApp Video calling enabled version will be released soon. Right now only Beta Apk is released which you can easily download from the Google or from the app downloading sites. We don’t have the Authority to share the download link :).

There is no separate tab for WhatsApp Video Calling. After Tapping on Call button, you will get the option to choose Video Call or Voice Call. But right now you also cannot make WhatsApp Video Call. You just can see the option in 2.16.80 Version and when you tap on Video Call it shows you “Couldn’t Place Call” Video Calling is Unavailable at this time.

The latest Version of WhatsApp Available on Play Store Right Now is 2.16.57 and on the official WhatsApp site is Version 2.16.77. So, you have to download or update your whatsApp for WhatsApp Video Calling from some third party downloading sites.

How to Activate/Enable WhatsApp Video Calling Feature in Your Android Smartphone.

  1.  Download the WhatsApp apk 2.16.80, you just search this apk in google and you will get the downloading links.
  2.  Once Downloaded the 2.16.80 version install it or replace with your existing version. So, once the app is updated you can see the WhatsApp video Calling Feature.
  3.  But Right Now You cannot make WhatsApp Video Calls so just wait for the official Release.

WhatsApp Voice Calling is awesome so our expectations for WhatsApp video calling feature is very high and indirectly WhatsApp Video Call feature will kill the Skype, ooVoo and other video calling Softwares. WhatsApp is now the World’s No. 1 messenger app.

WhatsApp Recently launched the WhatsApp Desktop App for Windows and Mac and also added WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption. WhatsApp has introduced a lot of features and the next coming feature is WhatsApp Video Calling which will surely take the WhatsApp to the Next Level.

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