WhatsApp Adds End-To-End Encryption Security – What is this WhatsApp Update?

WhatsApp Adds End-To-End Encryption Security – What is this WhatsApp Update?

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Today, WhatsApp added the new feature end to end encryption in the new update of WhatsApp messenger mobile application for both iOS and Android Mobile operating system.

This new update will now not allow anyone to check chats/calls/media etc. Even the Government will not have access to anyone’s WhatsApp database even if they want to. So, what we can say now is WhatsApp is more Secure and safe. This is a great step by WhatsApp to keep our Conversations or chats Confidential and safe.

The new feature of WhatsApp End to End Encryption is now available in the following versions:

  • WhatsApp Version 2.16.1 (iOS)
  • WhatsApp Version 2.16.9 (Android)

Everything You Need to Know about the Security of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Security

WhatsApp Security

Security Issue of WhatsApp

Well in today’s time talking about the security of whatsApp means to talk about the privacy of the millions of users from all over the world (privacy in terms of audio/video/textual message – depends on what user wants to share)

Is WhatsApp Really Secured

WhatsApp enables masses to have a favourable rapport with a powerful entity which includes their family, friends etc. WhatsApp is helping the total population to share their information wherever they want whether in or out of the Nation to make their life easy.

While sharing your moments in any term WhatsApp keeps on updating their versions for the betterment and without the coding system time to time. It takes proper care of your material so that it would not be in detrimental in any way.

How the WhatsApp Data is Secured

Security which is the major thing about which every user thinks or worries about. Well the security is set by default in the following ways:

  • Every message which is sent or received remains between the sender and the receiver only as each message are secured with a password or you can say it is secured with a code.
  • The code is not visible, it is already set up automatically once the recipient receives the messages after viewing the message the code is unlocked automatically by viewing.
  • So without setting up any setting the messages are secured automatically by default which means that the user has not to worry about it.
  • The chat remains between the two only even WhatsApp cannot receive any of the messages because of the automatic coding system which keeps on changing with each next message.

To Articulate Without Restrictions

Just like your messages you can make a call wherever you want. It lets you to talk with no embargo. Again it keeps away the third parties and the two of you which are the sender and the receiver. The communication is secured so you can talk freely again.

WhatsApp Message Saving Procedure

WhatsApp does not store your message on their server. They keep proper care of the corporeal, indeed, your any messages are not saved once they are delivered means it is no more in their server. So it is between the two of you only and no third party is included (WhatsApp or any other party) can get it in any way.

IS WhatsApp Really Easy to Use?

WhatsApp is codeless, here codeless means whenever you use the WhatsApp there is no need of putting any code. It is encrypted. You communicate through a simple way. Just with a simple click in the top of the app you are able to find the person in your list.


So, WhatsApp is a complete secured app for sharing your any kind of moment. There is no need of worrying before sharing anything as WhatsApp takes proper care of the security. So from now before clicking there is no more of thinking.

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