4 Best Calculation Apps For Engineering Students

4 Best Calculation Apps For Engineering Students

4 Best calculation apps for engineering students

4 Best calculation apps for engineering students

Mathematics is the heart and soul of technological developments of the world, there’s no debating that. I mean, there’s math in everything. Either you’re programming a space craft, or writing your first “hello world” C program, math rules all.

Infact, Mathematics is the primary subject for almost all the engineering exams across the globe. But that’s where the problem lies. Not everyone is a math geek.

Infact, a big percentile of the world population says math’s is one of the primary subject they hate, or atleast dislike. So how can anyone expect to survive in such a kind of place where the most important subject is also one of the most disliked ones!

But well, maybe we can make it all fun with the right approach. In this article over here, I’m sharing some of the top MATH apps for you. So you might start to enjoy the subject instead of giving it a cold treatment.


An Advanced level calculator that works more or less like Classic tape calculator. It will keep track of your operations and results, not just that it keeps track of your text labels as well.

The best thing about this app is it saves your mathematical functions, so you can always go back in time (or history) of the calculation, change any specific function in between and thus correct your whole calculation without doing it from scratch again.

Also, it’s extremely automated. Meaning if you ever need help with calculations, this is the App to go with.

MyScript Calculator:

Well well, MyScript calculator has just taken calculation to a whole new level.

I do understand that you might be more of that pen and paper kind of guy, right? Who enjoys writing down formulas and equations on paper rather than on a digital calculator?

Well, MyScript calculator lets you “write”, yes actually write your equations on the screen, and then solve it down for you with its super advanced handwriting recognition technology!

With MyScript you can effectively solve:-

  • Basic problems,
  • percent
  • square roots
  • trigonometric (and inverse) functions
  • logarithms and
  • Constants such as pi and Euler’s number.

So I’d say it can technically solve “every” kind of mathematics problem out there, right?

Graphing Calculator:

If it’s mathematics, then it’s algebra for sure. And if it’s algebra, then you most definitely need graphing along with your studies.

The problem is that the traditional graphing calculators are so damn expensive, right? Well that problem is solved with this fee Graphing Calculator!

It lets you solve all your graphing problems, absolutely free, directly on your iOS or android device.

Wolfram Alpha:

Although it functions as a search engine, I don’t need to tell you that a search engine is definitely a mathematics and numbers expert, right?

Wolfram alpha, through its super advanced algorithms and tools of course solves your normal mathematical questions, but additionally it also has the capability to give you graphical and pictorial representation of data’s and charts and formulas.

And it doesn’t stop there. It also explains to you, how the application arrived at the solution of your problem! That’s pretty advanced too huh?


The above calculations tools are just the best that exist in the industry. Doesn’t matter if you’re going for JEE, CAT, MAT or just trying to get in the best engineering colleges in Lucknow, these tools will be your best friend no matter what.

Mathematics isn’t hard, the calculations are. So well, that’s where these apps come in.

All you need to do is, download them and get to work. These are easy to use, with a clean user interface. Means, nothing like you won’t understand.

Also, using these apps not only makes things easier for you, it also saves a lot of time of yours, which I’d say is a good option to go with, specially as time is money these days.

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