Nactus – The Best Platform To Teach and Learn

Nactus – The Best Platform To Teach and Learn

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Nactus is a unique platform for all who teaches and all who want to learn.

Nactus is basically a FREE android application which you can easily get from the play store. Nactus app is made in order to improve the overall learning experience. The tutors can easily meet the students on this app, what tutor has to do is just signup or register in Nactus app as a tutor.

Nactus provides a common platform where students and qualified tutors can meet and have access to the right tools to make learning effective and convenient.

In today’s generation people trust more on Internet than their friends and relatives. So, everything is getting online now, right from your grocery to marriage. And this new system is quite good because you will get a lot of choices and also you don’t have to go anywhere and all this is being done via your mobile or laptop.

So, keeping this thing in mind, Nactus has started the initiative of connecting the students and teachers via a mobile based application called NACTUS. It’s very difficult to find a good teacher in your locality but now you don’t have to worry about it Nactus is there to help you out. Nactus helps you to find the good teachers in your locality or near to your place.

In Nactus app, you can see the detailed information of the tutor including the various classes they conduct or the subjects they cover. You can also take trial classes before you make up your mind. Nactus provides you unique tools which will helps you in learning more in an easy and effective way.

Nactus keeps you updated with the upcoming classes. You can even reschedule your classes if required. The tutors available in Nactus are not limited to Academic studies only but you will find the tutors/trainers from almost all fields like: Music, Language classes, Dance, Art & Craft, Hobby classes, Health & Fitness, Sports and many more.

To Know more about Nactus, Watch this small video : YouTube Link

So, this was about Nactus Mobile Application. Now, I will guide you to join Nactus in just 2 Minutes.
  1. Install the Nactus Android application from HERE
  2. Open the Nactus app in your mobile.
  3. Tap on the Menu present on the left side and you will see the options “Home”, “Login”, “Register as Tutor”.Nactus App
  4. If you are a Tutor then Click on Register as Tutor else go to login and there Tap on “Join Nactus”Nactus App
  5. After this enter your name and Mobile Number and select your Role as a Student or as a Teacher.Nactus App
  6. After filling these details you will get the OTP in the given number and enter that OTP in order to verify your number and account.
  7. Now, fill your personal details and required documents.Nactus App
  8. That’s it Now Hit the SAVE button.Nactus App

If you have registered as a tutor then you can see your students, classes, schedule, messages and many more. So, from here you can manage the things accordingly.Nactus App

Every teacher and student should install this awesome app in your android mobile. If you have any doubt or if you have any questions regarding NACTUS app, you can drop your queries in the comment box below. Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated. 🙂

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