OS X El Capitan Available for update/download

OS X El Capitan Available for update/download

On 29 September, Apple announced the release of the world’s most advance desktop operating system known as OS X EL Capitan, and this operating system was available on Wednesday 30 & is free update for Mac users. EL Capitan has a ground breaking features & has a beautiful design of OS X Yosemite, this new Os refined Mac experience, it has built-in-apps, improvement in performance to make everyday activities like switching applications, opening of the Pdf files etc. faster & more responsive.

Senior vice President of software engineering of Apple said that people love using Macs & because of the reason of power & easy to use OS X. Feedback from OS X Beta program has been incredibly +ve. El Capitan gives simpler & smarter ways to do things with Mac, streamlined Mission Control makes easier to see & organize everything on your Mac. With single swipe Mission control arranges all of your windows in single layer & you will find window even more faster.  When your window gets crowded, just drag to the top of your screen to create space & to spread out work, this split feature automatically manage two app windows side by side on full screen so that you can work in both apps at the same time without any problem.

In El Capitan spotlight future is smarter,  by using spotlight you can check anything like sports news, national or international news etc. you can even search or find a file using your natural language, you can also resize spotlight window for more results & can be moved anywhere on desktop.

There is a new mute button that will quickly silent browser audio coming from any tab, you can swide just like in iOS to delete messages. In photos you can edit locations, their date or title and a lot more things easily.

OS X El Capitan improves many things so that you can do everything faster & impressive. Apple’s graphic technology increases core animation & core graphics to boost system upto 50% , efficiency by 40% that results in faster graphic performance.

It featured international language support which includes Chinese system for both traditional & is  simplified 50,000 new beautiful characters for crisp on screen readability it also increase the speed of Japanese text faster automatically by transforming Hiranga into Japanese & reduce need of individually select & confirm words.

The cost for updating OS X El Capitan is free of cost which was started on Wednesday,  30th September from Mac store & this supports those Macs which were introduced in 2009 some were introduced in 2007 & 2008.

Testing was conducted by apple & they use 2.7GHzintelcorei-5 processor based 13inch MacBook with 128gb internal storage & 8gb RAM on august 2015, they tested it with OS X v10.11 which was released earlier their performance is based on configuration of the system, workload on the app& other factors.

Apple revolutionized their technology in 1984 with the introduction of the Macintosh, now-a-days Apple leads in the world in innovation with its products – apple watch, iPad, iPhone, the Mac, Apple’s 3 software’s- iOS, OS X & watch OS provide seamless experience across the world.

Article By: Ripum Gupta

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