Amazon Festive Sale vs Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale offers

Amazon Festive Sale vs Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale offers

Battle between Flipkart and Amazon from 13 October to 17 October.

Flipkart has already announced its big billion day which is going to be start from 13th to 17th October on across 70 product categories. Last year on flipkart 1st big billion day cheating on discounts, site crashes & several other problems were being complained by the customers. Like last time Flipkart is not going to do the mistake again this time Flipkart run its big billion day for 5 days.

In the meantime Amazon also declared its festival season sale & even the date also falls between 13th to 17th which means it is going to be a battle between Flipkart and Amazon on which is good or bad. Amazon also organizes its Diwali sale last year & it also receive flanks not even praises from the customers.

Flipkart offers on this big billion day

Flipkart from 13th to 17th discounts: From 13th to 17th flipkart will offers a great discount on fashion & lifestyle products & these discounts will go all across the day.

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Flipkart from 14th to 17th: From 13th to 17th flipkart  will give discounts  on Home & Kitchen appliances, so be ready to grab  your favourite recipes with highly functional & home appliances & you will surely cook more. These discounts will be available from 14th till the end of the sale.

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Flipkart from 15th to 17th: From 15th to 17th Flipkart is going to offer a great discounts on mobiles phones.

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Flipkart from 16th to 17th: From 16th to 17th there is big savings on electronics & on automotive products which are ready to be lapped up by you.

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17th October: This is going to be the last day of big billion day. On 17th there will be great discounts on books & also on other categories. This shopping excitement awaits for you from 13th to 17th October.

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Flipkart offers 10% extra on SBI credit/debit cards, 10% cash back on Citibank credit users on 15th, also 10% discount on Standard Chartered Bank credit & debit cards & additional discounts on Yes Bank.

Amazon offers on this Amazon Festive Season Sale

On the other Amazon is also going to start its Greatest sale & fortunately it is also starts from 13th of October. Amazon name this sale as Great Indian Festive Sale from 13th to 17th. Amazon on this sale will also provide great discounts on everything which is available like clothing, home electronics & even more during the sale. With this Diwali special deal Amazon let this to be a reason to get rid of the old items & get new items. This year Amazon will provide huge range of products from different categories & brands at great discounts.

On this sale Amazon also added a new thing ‘promotion’ & promotion have some rules also.

Those who are 18+ or older are eligible for promotion but those people who are   employees of Amazon & there family members, there affiliates, advisors, advertising agencies will not be eligible for the promotion.

Amazon also pay rewards under this promotion which are:-
  1. Those customers which download app during promotion period will be able to see app products in 4 different categories which be available for sale on every day from 13th to 17th.
  2. Those customers who will complete all the actions, will be able to see 30 different products which will be sent to their registered email address.
Amazon also offers 15% cashback on app & 10% on desktop site.
Over to You: 

Which one you prefer for shopping Flipkart or Amazon ? Comment down your opinions in the comment section below.

Article By: Ripum Gupta

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