Best Tech Gifts to give on Happy Friendship Day 2016

Best Tech Gifts to give on Happy Friendship Day 2016

Friendship day is coming in the next Month (August 2nd) {HAPPY FRIENDSHIPDAY 2016}. Many people are confused that what to purchase for friends. Friends are of many types, some are Hi hello and some are very close to your heart.

So, here is the list from where you can select some stuff for your friends for Friendship Day 2016

1. Yu YuFit Band or Mi Band (Gift for Friendship Day 2016)

  • There was a time when people used to give Happy Friendship Day Bands but now in this Digital world, Wearable technology is in and it is now reachable to the masses but still it is away from the common man. There is no doubt it is making mark.So, you can purchase Yu YuFit band or its alternative Mi band for your friend for Friendship Day 2016 (Sunday, 2nd August) both are priced at Rs 999 (INR). And this also fits in your budget.
Ø  Buy MI Band from Here

For More Details Read: Yu YuFit and Xiaomi Mi Band

2. Google cardboard (VR) (Gift for Friendship Day 2016)

  • Google Cardboard is a Virtual Reality Platform a product of google. It is used to watch the movies, play games etc. All you need is that you have to put your phone in this Cardboard if it is Compatible then enjoy your stuff, Watch movies in 3D, Play games in 3D etc.
  • Buy cardboard From Here

For More Details Read: Google Cardboard (Virtual Reality)

3. Power Banks (Gift for Friendship Day 2016)

Ø  Buy Honor Power Bank from Here
Ø  Buy Asus Zen Power Bank from Here

4. Storage Devices (Memory Card, Pendrive, Hard disk)

5. Headphones/Earphones and Accessories

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