Xiaomi Mi4i Review, Price Specifications and Features

Xiaomi Mi4i Review, Price Specifications and Features

Xiaomi launched Mi4i in India on 23rd April, 2015. The “i” in Mi4i is for India as said in the launch Event. Mi4i has many good features which makes it an excellent device.

Xiaomi Mi4i Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi4i Smartphone.
Source: mi.com

Xiaomi Mi4i Review, Price Specifications and Features

Xiaomi Mi4i Design

 Xiaomi Mi4i has a Unibody Design, Single Polycarbonate Body that wraps up the Entire Device. Xiaomi Mi4i has well defined Square Edges at the Corners. The Buttons for Lock/Unlock, Volume Up/Down for Xiaomi Mi4i are made of Steel. Xiaomi Mi4i has a perfect compact design which easily fits in your hand.

Xiaomi Mi4i is available in 5 different Colors

  • Grey-Black
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blue Sky
  • Pink

Xiaomi Mi4i Size

Xiaomi Mi4i is an Ultra Compact flagship device. Xiaomi Mi4i is a 5-inch Device with 130g weight. Light weight and easy to carry. Xiaomi Mi4i has a perfect compact design which easily fits in your hand. You can also put Xiaomi Mi4i in your back pant pocket as Xiaomi Mi4i will not get damaged in your back pocket because it is very touch and flexible.

Xiaomi Mi4i Display

Xiaomi Mi4i has a 5-inched JDI Display with NTSC 95%. Xiaomi Mi4i has fully laminated OGS Display. Xiaomi Mi4i has ultra-high color gamut. Xiaomi Mi4i has a full HD Display with 1920 * 1080 Pixels and 441 PPI (Per Pixel Inch). Xiaomi Mi4i has soft touch ultra-matte finish and anti-grease coating. The new and excellent feature added in Xiaomi Mi4i is Sunlight Display. Xiaomi Mi4i can take excellent pictures in bright sunny day.

Xiaomi Mi4i Camera

Xiaomi Mi4i comes with 13MP Rear Camera with two dual tone flash and is 2nd gen stacked with CMOS Sensor and has 5 element lens, f/2.0 aperture. Xiaomi Mi4i has 5MP Front Facing Camera for taking selfies and for video chats on skype etc. The front camera of Xiaomi Mi4i also uses 5 Element lens f/1.8 aperture. The software for camera in Xiaomi Mi4i has many good and new added features like inbuilt torch option, so you can easily take pictures in low light. Beautify is another good feature in Xiaomi Mi4i with the help of this feature you can edit your photos very well. This feature helps you to remove wrinkles from your face, to remove dullness from your face and to give you an active look and glow. HDR is also the very good feature in Xiaomi Mi4i camera application (app). HDR really helps in taking excellent pictures in bright light, low light, Sunsets etc.

Xiaomi Mi4i Performance

Xiaomi Mi4i has a 64-bit Octa-core 615 Snapdragon 2nd gen Processor, ARM Cortex A53 Architecture. As Octa means 8 so Xiaomi Mi4i has 8 Cores, 4 Performance Core at 1.7GHz and 4 Power Saving Cores running at 1.1GHz used in Background running tasks. Xiaomi Mi4i comes with 2GB DDR3 RAM and 16GB ROM (Internal/Flash Memory). The Processor Snapdragon 615 2nd Gen which is used in Xiaomi Mi4i is made by Qualcomm India. Xiaomi Mi4i runs on the latest version of Android L (Android Lollipop 5.0). The UI (User Interface) is very excellent with smooth touch.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Feature in Xiaomi Mi4i

IVR Feature in Xiaomi Mi4i is the best feature till now. Xiaomi Mi4i is the best smartphone who have this feature. IVR feature helps in saving time. If you want to know something about your train departure time from IRCTC then you call at 139 and then you follow the IVR. Press 1 for English, then so on. But what actually you want is at the last so you have to wait for around 2 minutes to reach at that point when it says press 5 to know your departure timing but why we listen those things which we don’t want. When we are in a Hurry! This thing irritates us many times. So, with Xiaomi Mi4i smartphone this thing will not happen. Yes, Xiaomi Mi4i has a great inbuilt IVR feature added, when you call For Example: 139, then in the screen your Xiaomi Mi4i you can see the options in text format and within just 2-3 clicks you will reach to your point. This is really the best feature in Xiaomi Mi4i.

Languages Supported by Xiaomi MiUi ROM

Xiaomi Mi4i supports 6 Indian Languages

  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam


Xiaomi Mi4i is a Dual SIM (Micro SIM) and Dual Standby smartphone with 2G/3G/4G Connectivity in both the SIMS. Wifi 802.11 ac Enabled, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS/Glonass, Wifi Direct. There is a special feature in Xiaomi Mi4i Wifi that it has MU-MINO feature which helps in the downloading speed 3 times than the normal Wifi.

Sale and Availability of Xiaomi Mi4i

The Xiaomi Mi4i smartphone will goes on Sale on 30th April, 2015 on Flipkart (The Indian E-commerce Portal). The Registration of Xiaomi Mi4i is already started on 23rd April. Xiaomi Mi4i Smartphone will also be soon available on mi.com, snapdeal.com, amazon.in and on the Mobile Store.

Xiaomi Mi4i will be available in also many other countries in MAY. The Countries where Xiaomi Mi4i goes on sale in MAY are:

  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia

Price of Xiaomi Mi4i

The Price of Xiaomi Mi4i is quite shocking because as per the specifications and features it should be priced around RS 20,000 (INR) but the Price of Xiaomi Mi4i is Rs 12,999. Yes, the price of Xiaomi Mi4i in India is Rs 12,999.

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