WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Activation Servers Still Down

WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Activation Servers Still Down

WhatsApp free Voice Calling Starts rolling out in India from February 2015, but only selected users were given this feature enabled but in March they gave WhatsApp free Voice Calling update to everyone, user has to only update the WhatsApp version to 2.11.561 or 2.12.5 or 2.12.7 or 2.12.14 and then 2nd and last step is user have to receive the invite from someone then and then only the WhatsApp free voice calling feature will be activated.

This Activation process works fine for 2-3 days but after that WhatsApp without giving any reason, they shutted down their servers and till now the WhatsApp voice calling Activation Servers are down. No update that when the WhatsApp Voice calling servers will be up. Right Now the status of WhatsApp voice calling Activation server is down.

Still you can activate your WhatsApp voice calling by using a trick, I have already shared one trick that how to activate WhatsApp free Voice Calling Manually. There are so many methods or tricks by which you can activate your WhatsApp voice calling feature.

If Servers will be up again then follow these steps to Activate Your WhatsApp free Voice Calling feature in Android.

The Versions or Apks Which Support WhatsApp free Voice Calling Feature are:

·         2.11.561 WhatsApp apk.
·         2.12.5 WhatsApp apk.
·         2.12.7 WhatsApp apk.
·         2.12.14 WhatsApp apk.

WhatsApp version 2.12.5 is available on Google Play Store and WhatsApp version 2.12.14 is available on official Website of WhatsApp.

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UPDATE : WhatsApp Activation are now finally Up

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