Turn Your Smartphone into Mouse and Keyboard to Control your Computer-Remote PC App

Turn Your Smartphone into Mouse and Keyboard to Control your Computer-Remote PC App

This is really an interesting and useful thing that you can control your Desktop/Laptop from your smartphone. Suppose you are watching a movie or Photos on Slideshow and you have kept your laptop away from you and when the show is over or movie is over then almost everyone feels lazy to stand up and play the next one. So, with this Remote PC application you can have the remote access to control your PC from your smartphone. You can use this application in any operating system (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android).

There are so many other things from which you are going to love this app, for example while giving a presentation in School/College or in any public place. Then you have to go again and again to your laptop to change the slide but with this app you can change your slide from the place where you are standing or explaining.

There are so many advantages of this app like if you are sitting on a bed and having popcorn in your hand and watching movie on your Laptop/Desktop and then after the movie is finished, you feel sleepy and then you don’t want to stand up to shut down your PC but with this app you can Shut down/Power off your PC.

Here are Some Easy Steps to Convert your Mobile Phone into Mouse:

  1. Download and Install the Remote Mouse Server application for PC (Mac/Windows).
  2. Download and Install the Remote Mouse application for Mobile (Android, Windows Phone, iOS).
  3. Now connect your smartphone and PC to the same Wifi Network.
  4. Open Remote Mouse app in your computer and you will find your IP address there and also QR Code.Remote Mouse App
  5. Now Open Remote Mouse Application on Your Mobile phone and connect it to your PC by inserting the IP address or you can scan the QR Code.Remote Mouse App
  6. Now, that’s it navigate your PC from your smartphone and there is no lag in time, everything works fast.

It is like the trackpad, and One Finger tap is left Click and Two Finger Tap is right click. You can change the speed of the mouse and also not only navigate you can even type from your phone, you can also use your smartphone as Keyboard.Remote Mouse App

There are other functions also in this app like music control buttons but the same is paid. There are paid and free versions of Remote Mouse but right now this one is free.

Follow the links to download the Remote Mouse App:

Click Here to download:-

Over to You:

How you are going to use this app and where you want to try it and how if you have any questions your comments are always welcomed.

Please drop your way to use this app in the comment box below.

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