Mercedes’ Self Driving Car F015: A Look into the Future

Mercedes’ Self Driving Car F015: A Look into the Future

Ever heard of Self driving car before???Well, it’s hard to sink in but now this dream is going to come true. The Automobile giants ‘Mercedes Benz’ are expected to launch the first self-driving vehicle by 2030.

Mercedes Benz, the German based luxury car-maker, took a bold future towards slowing a glimpse of what could transpire to be the future of the luxury cars. With this care due to be a reality some time from now, The Travel with the star is surely going to be more fascinating.

Mercedes Self Driving Car F015

Mercedes Self Driving Car F015

Unveiling the Mercedes F015, A Self Driving Car

Monday night turned out to be a historic night for the automobile industry as the first autonomous driving concept car was unveiled by the Mercedes Benz at the CES consumer electronics show.

Dubbed the F015 self-driving car, this is a sleek four door automobile from the luxury car maker. This car shows what the luxury automobile industry could be like a further fifteen to twenty years from now.

Headlining an event at the Los Angeles, Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz cars, said that this car is not merely a technological wonder. In addition to the concept of self-driving, this car is full of luxuries never before and would ultimately become a mobile living space.

Mercedes F015: Luxury Redefined

The all new F015 is not about driving. Instead it’s about riding with a much higher level of comfort as never before. At over seventeen feet long, this car has a capacity of 4 people. The seats are designed in such a way that it gives a lounge-like appearance with the four people facing each other. The chairs, automatically, swivel 30 degrees in the event of opening of the suicide-style doors. Sometimes, in case manual driving is required, the front two chairs also swivel and face the windshield.

The car, when in the automatic mode, doesn’t need any steering and thus it remains folded in the dashboard but unfolds for use in manual mode driving.

This car also has got something interesting for the game lovers. There are six display screens in the instrument panel and the side and rear panels which not relay information from the outside world but one can also enjoy playing movies or can use them for online entertainment.

This car also has stereo cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors which guide the car’s automatic systems. To maintain the difference between the manual and the automatic driving, LEDs installed in the headlights and grille light up blue in case of the former mode of driving, otherwise, the LEDs light up white.

This automobile delight is built from lightweight carbon fiber, aluminum, and high-strength steel. The F015 is technically a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle which can also be recharged by parking the vehicle on a charge pad. This technology is an alternative for plug-in electric vehicles and is likely to arrive even before this concept car becomes a reality. The F015 also has a fuel cell powered by tanks of compressed hydrogen.

Many cars apart from the F015 have the self-driving basics built-in; like the radar based cruise control autonomous braking to prevent accidents and lane keeping assist.

By 2030, it is expected that vehicles which support all the above mentioned basics in a single vehicle will be plying on the roads and will be capable of self-driving in all situations.

Thus, the unveiling of the Self driving car by Mercedes F015 is the start of moving towards a new era in the field of automobile industry.

Article By: Suhail

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