Google’s Modular Smartphone-Latest Project Ara Prototype

Google’s Modular Smartphone-Latest Project Ara Prototype

Google is going to launch Customizable Smartphones – latest Project Ara Prototype.

Google has finally announced to test its Customizable Modular Smartphone in Puerto Rico First.

Google’s Modular Smartphone- Google Project Ara

Google’s Modular Smartphone- Google Project Ara

Google’s Vision of Making Cheap and Customizable Modular Smartphones is really appreciable. Google was failed in showing its concept of his first modular phone in the crowd because in that phone there was no gsm module or calling module, so you cannot make calls, people did not like this, so now the new Modular has the calling facility.

Google has really converted our dreams into reality. We always gets confused while buying a smartphone because the configuration we need is not in our budget or not matches with our requirements. But now with Google’s Project Ara, it’s very easy to make the smartphone or configurations of your choice. Google Project Ara basically aims to develop an open hardware platform for making modular smartphones. This will allow users to swap smartphone modules according to their needs.

Some persons are photogenic or want to capture every moment, so they want camera with good resolution and optical zoom, so no worry you can swap the camera, you can put the camera of your choice. Google’s Modular Smartphone has 8 different squares and rectangle boxes at the back side. And these 8 boxes you can swap, you can change the Speakers, Camera, battery, Sensors, processors, Front cam etc.

For Gamers This Modular Smartphone is very good for them to buy, they can increase the configurations as per their gamming requirements. Some people want only big screen, they don’t need high quality camera, good processor, multicores etc. but if they want to buy a smartphone whose screen size is big, they have to spent a lot. But with this Ara project, you can customize your smartphone according to your choice at a cheap price.

The Price for Google’s Project Ara Modular Smartphones is not revealed yet by Google, as Google mentions that it’s too early to reveal its price but its price would be in range $50 to $100 approximately 3000 to 6000 in INR.

Google will manufacture the frame or structure and sell the phone frame/structure also the modules manufactured by individual manufactures that can be added to it. Toshiba has already showed its camera modules in the Conference.

Google will first test its modular smartphone in Puerto Rico

Hardware Partners with the Google’s Project Ara:
  • Toshiba – The Electronic Giant
  • Marvell and NVidia – The Chipmakers

Google’s Project Ara is actually headed by the Advanced Technologies and Project Team (ATPM).

Google now-a-days is achieving a lot in the field of technology: Google Glasses and Self-Driving Car are some of them.

Mercedes the Supercar maker recently announced the Self-Driving car.


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