The important thing while developing a website is that your website should be responsive and should be opened or accessed easily by any operating system, by any browser and by any device like Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops because if your website is not responsive then you may lose visitors and there will be no use of your hard work and time which you give to develop your website. To make your website successful and to earn from your website, you should take care of this thing that your website must be responsive. If you are using WordPress Software to develop your Website/Blog, then I have some important Things to share to create mobile application or mobile version of your website. Before you apply any theme in your blog you must check whether it is mobile version also or not, if you did not find this thing in the theme then simply apply the theme and take your Mobile and open your website in your mobile and see whether its opening properly or not, if yes then keep using the theme and if not then check another theme.  There is one more thing by which you can create Mobile Version of your website/Blog and that is WPtouch Plugin.


WPtouch is the plugin in WordPress which automatically creates mobile version of your website, you just have to do some simple settings in the WPtouch Plugin but WPtouch gives you only one mobile theme for free and that is Bauhaus 1.4.2 and the other themes you find in WPtouch are paid, if you want to get those themes, you simply have to pay for that and can then can use them but Bauhaus Theme which WPtouch gives for free is also very good and attractive. You can Edit Bauhaus theme also you can add your social network pages like Your Facebook Fan Page of your website, Google Plus Page, Twitter,  RSS etc. You can set number of posts to display, you can set/modify your Menu, you can also add logos to your pages or categories, you can change text color, you can add Slider and also you can do so many things with it. It is very simple and Easy to use and it’s also free of Cost. Its loading speed is also very good and it is independent of your desktop theme, whatever theme you want to apply in your website you can apply whether it has a mobile version or not, You do not need to worry because WPtouch will not affected by any theme. So whenever your website is opened by mobile/tablet, it automatically loads with WPtouch theme, whether it’s IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS or any other operating system. You can directly install the plugin in your WordPress admin or you can also install from wordpress and then can upload in your plugins section in WordPress admin.

For More Details and Learn How to use WPtouch Plugin Watch the Video here:


You can also create Android application (.apk) of your website, if you are not a programmer or you don’t know anything about coding then Don’t Worry, you can still make android app of your website in just few minutes, just follow the simple steps:

  • Open this Link
  • Click on CREATE NOW
  • After Clicking on Create Now a new window will be opened and you will find many options like Website, Messenger etc. Click on Website
  • After This a new Window will be opened and then it asks for website URL , Enter your website URL in the given Box and press NEXT
  • After Entering your Website URL, it asks the app name enter the app name and then enter the description of your website
  • Now Follow the simple steps and fill the required fields (Your Name, Email, Website Description etc.)
  • After completing this process, you will get your app in your email and it’s done.
  • The Android app of your website is now ready to launch.
  • You can get your app directly from the link and can install in your android device.
  • Now Enjoy Your App and Share the link to your friends

You can also upload your Android app to Google Play Store but for that you have to pay around $ 32 and in Indian Rupees it will be around Rs 2000. After paying this amount you have to register in Google Play Developers ConsoleAndroid Developers and after that you can upload your .apk file in Google Play Store.

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