India’s Largest Auto Manufacturer MARUTI SUZUKI is going to Launch its  Cheapest Car  MARUTI CERVO after his Maruti  800. Maruti 800 was the First and Most Successful Hatchback in the World and till now also people are buying it because low maintenance low budget and Compact. Maruti has Stopped Producing Maruti 800 for sometime but due to the demands of the customers Maruti Starts producing again  800 Model. It is now also available in LPG version. Now Maruti Has Decided to launch its Cheapest Hatchback and that is CERVO.

Maruti cervo

Maruti cervo

Maruti Suzuki is going to launch its Cheapest Hatchback CERVO by this Diwali or in Early 2015. The Launch was Decided to be in 2012 but due to some reasons Company delayed the Launch because Maruti Launched its New ALTO 800 in the same year so if the company had Launched the CERVO in the same Year may be ALTO 800 would not be a Successful Launch. But Now According to the Reports and Expectations its Said to be launched in Diwali or in Early 2015. Maruti CERVO is going to create a tough Competition with TATA NANO. The Price of The Maruti CERVO Price  is expected to be around ₹ 1.5 Lakhs to 2.5 Lakhs. At this Price NANO is also available but CERVO is totally Different than NANO in Every Respect.


Maruti CERVO is a Hatchback Car and has a Sporty Look. It look likes the combination of i20, Polo but difference between them is that i20 and Polo are at a Price Tag of ₹ 7 Lakhs and Maruti CERVO has a Price Tag of ₹ 1.5 Lakhs. Most of the People are thinking that cervo is just the copy of Nano but no it’s not true its totally different in all Respects Whether Looks, Mileage, Space ,Dashboard, Engine, Horse Power, Pick Up and Accelerator, and it is Expected to launch in India with 0.7 L and 660cc Petrol Engine and can produce  Power of  60 Bhp and a Torque of 60Nm and Runs on 4 Speed Automatic Transmission And the Advanced Technology is used in the car VVT to improves the Fuel Consumption So that can give the Mileage 25kmpl. The Car can Attain 0-100 Km/hr in just 25 Seconds and has expected top Speed of 115 Km/Hr. Also it requires less Maintenance than other Cars.

The Most Important Thing In Maruti Cervo is its Sexy Look, Curve Lines, Sporty Finish, and its Interior is Eye Catching and Spacious its Steering And Dashboard is really Awesome and teenagers and Youngsters are going to love this Car.

Maruti Cervo DashBoard

Maruti Cervo DashBoard

Due to Small in Dimension Maruti Cervo is Easy to park and Easy to Drive In Traffic and Comfortably, it also has a Power Steering Which Makes You Driving Easy and it follows the Old Traditional System of Brakes that is Drum Brakes because we cannot expect ABS system in this Price Tag. About Security, it Has a Very Good Security System Antitheft Security System is there in this Car and Also Airbags, Airbags is the Best option Available in this Car and it is the First Time in History that we get Airbags at this Price tag. Specially Students are going to love this car and everyone can afford this car easily because of its lowest price tag, Many People Wants to buy a car between 2-3 Lakh but they do not get the Features of which they are thinking about But now this Maruti Cervo is Going to Fulfil all your Wishes at Your Budget. So, We can say that Maruti Cervo is the lowest Budget Car Which We are going to See on roads Soon. Launching Cervo is really a Great Step By Maruti Suzuki. Before buying a car everyone first think about his/her Budget, then maintenance Cost then their Service centres or Workshops and then Whether the Spare Parts are easily Available or not and the Main Thing Is Mileage, So All these things are in Maruti Cervo So there is no Chance or No such a point that People will reject this car.  About the Expectations the Launch of this Car would be the Biggest Launch by Maruti in the Country and In Auto Expo, Everyone is going to love this Hatchback Car. Everyone is waiting for its launch from the last Two Years.

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