Windows  8.1 is not available in India at Present officially, it is scheduled to be available in India in the Ending Months Of 2014 but it is Released in US but as a Developer You can update your device to 8.1 .Windows 8.1 Update has many New added Features.


1.Swipe Keyboard


3.Notification Bar

4.Separate Volume For Rings and Media

5.More Tiles

6.Image Background

7.Battery Saver

8.Separate Music and Video Player


10.Project My Screen

11.Driving Mode

12.Device Hub and many more………



. Wifi Network

. Battery 100%

.Maximum/Minimum Data Required For 8.1 update is 1GB.


First you have to check which Version You have at present in your device so to check this go to the Settings and then in Extra+Info Check your Current Running Version i.e. Amber or Black. If it is Amber then you  have to ist update to Black because you cannot update your device From Amber to 8.1 directly, you  have to go Step wise , the Black Update will be around 400Mb.So to update the Black Version go to settings and then to Phone Updates and check the Updates, it shows you the update is available and now start installing the Files but you cannot install the Update files from your Mobile Network, You Need a WiFi Network to update the Black Version. So be in a WiFi Range or You Can also use the Hotspot From any other Phone, the installing time will depends on your WiFi Speed but usually on WiFi Network  it takes around 30 minutes to install the files after this You will get a PoP Up to Restart the Phone and To Install the Update  Files and you will find 2 options one is Restart now and other is Later, Press On Restart Now and then Wait For 15-20 Minutes till all files are Installed and also Your  Data  is Restored this whole process will take 30-40 minutes .Now Restart manually once again and the Black Version is Updated. Also keep in mind before the update that your phone Must be Fully Charged atleast 70% if it is below 70% then while the updation process if  your phone gets Switched off , some files will be corrupted and you will find problems in your device and then you have to Flash your Device to Amber then again the same process so it will be Hectic, to avoid this Charge  your  Device fully. Now After the Black Update Go to Your Phone Settings and Check The Extra +Info if it Shows Black then your Phone Is updated To Black Version.

If you again Check the Updates in phone Update Settings it Shows That the Phone is up to date, now you are confused how to Get 8.1 Update .You can Update 8.1 only as a Developer. So For that go to and Register There with Your Hotmail Id, Register there and then Close the Browser but register from your device keep it logged in and close the browser. Now go to Windows App Store  in your device and Download one Application preview for Developers after this open the app in your phone and you will find the Login page . Login with your Hotmail Id and follow the steps and then close the app and again open the app, Checkmark the option Enable Preview for Developers close the app. Now go to the Phone Settings and then Phone Updates, Check for updates it shows you the Update and now follow the Same Process as for Black Update but this is not 8.1 update for 8.1 update you have  follow the same process for 2 times i.e. you have to update 2 times then you will get 8.1 update and these two updates are around 100Mb. When the process is completed go for the last update i.e. 8.1 again the Same Process. Wait for 30 minutes to install the files and then again wait for 30 minutes to install the files and Restore the Data this update will be of around 430MB.Restart the phone now you are in Windows 8.1 Enjoy. But once you Updated to 8.1 you cannot Reverse the process i.e. you cannot install Black Update i.e. You cannot Degrade your Version and for Further Updates follow the same process.

DISCLAIMER: “If anything wrong happens to your device, is not responsible for the same. So, Do it on your own Risk.”


Cortana is really the great feature in 8.1 update, to use the cortana you have to first do some Settings, Go to Phone Settings Change your Region to United States  and  also the Language to English(United States).Install the language US English it is of 20Mb in Size. After installing And Selecting the above Settings, Press the Search Button in Your 3 fibre touch Keypad  Buttons where you first used to search the Bing, now its Cortana. You can use your Voice as Input or Text also.

Also Microsoft is Planning To Launch 10.0 Update soon. Whenever the Next Update is Released  you will get the Update in Your Phone Update Settings or you Will Get the PoP – Ups. For all Updates You have to follow the Same  Steps as in the Above Updates.

So, This was All About How To Update Your Windows Phone From 8.0 to 8.1

You Can also Remove the Developer Version with the Help of Recovery Tool, Click Here to See How to remove developer Version


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