Free Wifi Spot

Free Wifi Spot

Now No required of carrying Dongle/Data Card or any Other Internet Source While Travelling in Metro Rails. The Telecommunication Company MTS Has Declared To Provide Free Wifi Facility in Delhi Metro. It’s Yet Announced for Delhi Metro only but soon will be announced for other States also. Now-a-days people usually used to travel in Metro than their own Vehicles because Metro is fast and Hassle free from Traffic and reaches the Destination on time. It is also very cheap if you compare it to other means of Transport, it is also secured than other means of Transport. Metro was First Launched in India at Delhi and Metro Launch was Successful. So it is now growing up. Many States have now Metro Rails Running and soon it will cover the whole Country. Travelling in Metro saves our Time and Money. Also today man can live without Food but not Internet and it’s not possible to carry Internet source every time, everywhere. So, by this step of providing free Wifi in metro by MTS and DELHI Metro is really very good.


How to Use Wifi in Metro

To Use free Wifi in Metro you do not have to fill any Pen Paper form or do not have to register your Personal Details. You just have to Turn ON the Wifi of Your Mobile / Tablet / Laptop and then select the MTS and then Connect to MTS Wifi Network and it will redirect you to the MTS Website automatically and there you have to register your Phone Number in order to get the Password, after registering there you will get the password in the given phone number and then use that password for Authentication and also you do not have to pay for this. Now Enjoy Free Wifi in Delhi Metro and Stay Connected With your Friends, Relatives and Office.

Government Recently Announced that it will provide Free wifi in India in Selected Cities by July 2015. Some Names of Cities which will get free wifi are :

  • Delhi
  • Pune
  • Nagpur
  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad etc.

Indian Government has also ordered to replace all the Internet Cables with Optical Fibres. So, that everyone can get the Good Internet Speed.

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