EaseUS – A free data recovery software that can recover your lost backup

Whether the data is personal or professional, it needs to be backed up regularly to ensure that, in case a virus attack occurs, you still have access to your files. Most people will tell you that data loss is a damage without any repair, but you should not settle for this conclusion. Data of any type can be recovered, especially if you have a recovery software as good as EaseUS.Data Recovery Software recover lost data

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software that provides a plethora of data utilities. These utilities are both powerful and easy to use, which makes this software one of the most sought-after in the world.

If you are wondering what you can retrieve with this software, the answer is- everything. Any lost data can be recovered using this free data recovery software, irrespective of the kind of drive it was stored on. It helps you recover both files that have been deleted by accident and ones which have been deleted by programs.

EaseUS can also be used to gain an access to non-mounting, RAW and lost partitions as well. It can also recover data from servers and RAID storage- a feature that will come in handy for more advanced users.

How does it perform?

EaseUS scans the PC’s storage medium. The scan lasts only for a few seconds, saving a lot of time on the user’s part. If you choose the deep scan option, however, it will last for two hours. It has one of the fastest deep scan recovery systems in the market but still manages to return all the files that you might be looking for. It is easy and convenient to use and provides satisfactory results in only three steps. It is definitely one of the best free data recovery systems out there.

What’s the customer support like?

Customer support is an essential aspect of any online medium. The fact that one may get confused while operating the software requires an effective team for support. And in this case, EaseUS surpasses all expectations.

The service offers a knowledge base that is both thorough and reliable. Users can help themselves to a downloadable manual, free support articles and video tutorials on the internet. However, the biggest advantage is their live chat support- something that is unique to them and not commonly found in low-end data services.

The live-chat system is available during business hours and will establish an immediate contact between you and a service representative. If your concern arises outside their business hours, then you can send them an e-mail. The service gets back to you in a matter of hours, even on weekends.

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You can recover your data from any device!

Yes, that’s right! There is no limit to the number and type of devices from which you can recover your lost data. Here is a list of devices which can work with this free data recovery software:

  • Hard drives, SSDs, servers, and RAID
  • Flash cards, memory sticks, SD cards, XD cards, and MMC cards
  • USB drives and pens
  • Zip disks
  • Digital cameras
  • Smartphones and tablets

Basically, as long as you can connect the device to your PC or laptop, you will be able to retrieve your data- it’s that simple. But still my suggestion to you all is that always take backup of your data time to time.


Thus, EaseUS is a free data recovery software that can be used by anyone for any purpose. It comes in handy not just for recovering professional data, but also personal data such as photos. The step-by-step data recovery process is easy to follow and takes only a few moments’ time.

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