Apple India Now Provides International warranty on iPhones but there is a Catch

Apple India Now Provides International warranty on iPhones but there is a Catch

Apple India quietly announces International Warranty on iPhone.Apple iPhone International Warranty

Finally Apple did something great. Now you can buy Apple iPhone from other countries and can get the warranty service in India also. In India mostly people buy iPhone from other countries like Dubai, US, Hongkong etc. just because the rates in these countries are very less in comparison to India. But at the same time they are afraid of warranty as if something goes wrong then they would not be able to get the phone repaired under warranty in India as there was only Local Warranty and not global.

Now you can buy the iPhone from Abroad and can get the warranty in India also and that’s really cool thing that Apple India has introduced but there is a catch and that is the International warranty will be applicable only on Factory Unlocked iPhones and not carrier-locked iPhones. In many countries, Apple sells phones in partnerships with network providers. The deals usually mean the phones are available for a low initial cost but buyers commit to stay with the provider for a fixed period. People often buy phones abroad using such plans and force an unlock, which enables the devices to be used in India. Such devices will not be eligible for the international warranty.

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People Mostly buy iPhones from Dubai but before buying iPhone from Dubai you should know that  iPhone models in Dubai don’t support FaceTime. So you should check all the terms and conditions before buying an iPhone from abroad.

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