Super Mario Run Game is Now Coming for Android Soon in 2017

Super Mario Run Game is now coming for Android soon And PreRegsiter started

Super mario Run on Android

Super Mario Run on Android

It looks like the temporary exclusive between Nintendo and Apple for Super Mario Run is coming to an end, which means you’ll soon be able to enjoy the latest punch to the nostalgia on your Android phone.

Super Mario Run was firstly launched for iOS and became the highest grossing mobile game and hold this title in just a week. In the beginning, the game gives you first three levels for free and for the next levels you have to pay. So it is up to you whether the game is worth your money or not but more you play the game more you earn race tickets which allow you to compete with other Super Mario players. In case if you have a lot of friends which are playing Super Mario this game quickly becomes addictive to you.

Now let’s know a few things about this SuperMario Run Mobile Game:

  1. This is a whole new type of Super Mario which you can play even with the single hand as in this game the Mario moves constantly throughout the course and you just have to navigate the jumps. Mario will behave differently depending on the timing of your taps, so it is up to you to do smooth taps and moves so that you can easily gather all coins and reach your goal.
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Note: You need Internet connectivity to play the game.

  1. In this game, you need to run and jump to rescue Princess Peach from browser’s clutches. While playing you have to travel through the plain, ghost houses etc. in this game there are about 6-worlds which are further filled with 24 courses designed for one-handed play.But to get access to all of 6 stages you need to do some purchase.
  2. You can also compete your friends in this game and to compete you can show off Mario’s stylish moves and challenge people all over the world and challenge mode changes each time you play.In order to compete with other players, you need to acquire Rally Tickets in a variety of ways like clearing worlds, bonus games etc in your kingdom.
  3. In this game, you will get an option of kingdom builder with the help of which you can build your own kingdom and for this, you need to gather coins as well as toads. You will be able to create your unique kingdom with buildings and decorations with the help of toads you gathered during competition with other players.This game for Android is going to release soon. Reason being, Nintendo has allowed Android users to pre-register to be notified as to when the game is out and to preregister just click here.

once you click on the link it will directly take you to play store and you will see PreRegister option there just click on it and once you will click on it and you will get the notification when the game is available to download.

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