{Giveaway #1}: 1 Year Linux Hosting + Free .com domain for 5 Winners #iTiGiveaway

{Giveaway #1}: 1 Year Linux Hosting + Free .com domain for 5 Winners #iTiGiveaway



So, finally, we are announcing our first Giveaway #1itigiveaway which includes free 1 Year Linux Hosting + Free .com domain for the Five Lucky Winners. 

This is really an awesome announcement for bloggers as well as for Non-Bloggers and especially for non-bloggers. The ones who have not started the blog yet because of many reasons and might be investing is also the one reason, so guys this post is for you. Take participate in the iTi Giveaway competition and get a chance to win a free .com domain with free 1 year 5GB Linux Hosting.

Terms like Blogging, Domain, and Hosting are well-known to the bloggers but the one’s who are not bloggers they might not have heard these terms or words. So for them let me give you a quick overview about domain and Hosting stuff.

What is a Domain Name or DNS (Domain Name System)?

The domain name system (DNS) is the way that Internet domain names are located and translated into Internet Protocol addresses. A domain name is a meaningful and easy-to-remember “handle” for an Internet address. So, Domain name is the unique name just like as your vehicle registration number. Domain name is basically the address (URL) of the Website.

Eg: If you have to Visit Google then you have to type the URL of Google and the URL of google is www.google.com

(Bloggers Might be laughing 😛 by seeing this example. well this is for Non-bloggers or New-Bies 😛 )

DNS is a protocol that can be used on different platforms. On the Internet, the domain name space (tree) is divided into three different sections: generic domains, country domains, and the inverse domain.

  • Generic Domains : .com, .gov, .org, .net, .info, .edu, .biz etc.
  • Country Domains : .in, .uk, .us, .fr etc.

What is Hosting or Server ?

Once you have bought the domain name then you have to host that domain name to somewhere and that somewhere is called Host or Server. It is actually a Webspace.

I Hope you have got the idea that what is the domain name and what is hosting etc. If you have any doubts or queries you can drop them in the comments section below.

So, now let’s start with the Giveaway.

In this Giveaway we will be providing free .com domain and free 1 year Linux hosting for 5 lucky winners. So, there are total 5 packages to be won and these 5 web packages are sponsored by EverData. EverData is a leading data center, cloud solution provider, and IPV6 consulting company in India that is focused on meeting the rapidly growing data demands of India’s Digital Revolution.

How to Participate in iTi #1 Giveaway

  • There is a Button or Box at the end of this article and from there you can begin or You can click here.
  • You have to Login there in order to participate
  • You have to make entries in your account, the more entries you make the more chances are that you will win
  • The entries or points can be earned by following the steps as mentioned
  • The 5 Winners will be Randomly selected from the software, so there is no cheating or manual announcement.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum Age – 18 Years.
  • This Giveaway is for Indians Only
  • One Package for One Person and the one package includes 1 .com Domain and 5GB Linux Hosting for 1 Year.
  • No Duplicate Entries from the same person, if we noticed this we will disqualify that person.
  • Winners Will be Announced in the last week of this Month.
  • You Will receive the Coupon Code Via Email to buy the Web Package from EverData within 1-2 days from the Date of Announcement of Winners.
  • Promo Code is valid till 31st Aug only, so you have to buy the package on or before 31st Aug. 2016.
  • You Must have a Valid ID Proof in order to get the Promo code because we don’t want multiple entries from a single person.

{Winners Announced} :

  1. Tushar Joshi (Pune, India)
  2. Pravin Pandey (Pune, India)
  3. Sumeet Koul (Jammu, India)
  4. Ripum Gupta (Pathankot, India)
  5. Rohit Sharma (Jammu, India)

Participate Here Now:>


{Giveaway} 1 Year Linux Hosting + Free .com domain for 5 Winners


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