Now Officially Download Prisma apk for Android from Play Store

Now Officially Download Prisma apk for Android from Play Store. Prisma is Now Officially Available on Play Store for Android to Download

Prisma App Apk Download

Prisma App Apk Download

Prisma – The Photo Editing app which converts the photos/images into an Artwork was first launched for iOS (iPhones, iPad, iPod) only.

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Last week, prisma launched the beta version of prisma app for Android but a few days back the app stopped working and now today they officially launched the full version of Prisma for Android in Play store. And the Prisma Android app is now working fine. In the beta version of Prisma there were many bugs but now in this new version and official version there are no bugs as of now. So you can easily download the prisma app for android from play store now.

There are so many photo editing apps but Prisma is the one which is on Top Search or you can say trending photo editing app. Prisma really does the awesome work. Prisma uses Artificial intelligence (Acc to prisma Developers) to convert images into an amazing artwork.

Many are facing issues in downloading the Prisma App from play Store as they are not able to find the exact link or app in Play Store after searching for Prisma app. So for them and you we are sharing the Play Store Downloading link of Prisma :

Click Here to Download Prisma from Play Store.


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