IndiBlogger launched – A good news for Publishers and Brands

  1. IndiBlogger launched – A good news for Publishers and Brands
IndiBlogger launched

IndiBlogger launched

has recently launched, It is a satisfactory platform for bloggers as well as for companies/brands and Startups. Mostly bloggers search for sponsored posts or paid projects so that they can earn extra other than Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. Now, is the best place for them. Bloggers can now easily find the paid projects from the dashboard and if the same suits your niche you can apply and will get paid if they approved.IndiBlogger launched

On, the other hand Some Startups and Brands are still struggling to get the right influencers for their promotions and marketing. Thousands of businesses, products and services are launched everyday across the world. When these products go live, a Press Release is usually the first order of business. Once the product is launched or a new company is launched, the very first thing that they have to do is marketing and the promotion of their brand and product. So, now is the right place for them to reach to the right influencers and publishers for the marketing and promotion.

How Actually Works? is a very simple and easy platform, for a business to get their Press Releases published by top bloggers they just have to upload their Press Release and the ‘Automated Influencer Targeting Engine’, or ‘AITE’ for short, proceeds to accept applications and automatically shortlists bloggers based on various factors including internal ratings and rankings. Once the influencer is shortlisted for the project, he/she will get the mail from IndiBlogger that you are shortlisted for this project, after that influencer has to accept the project and then will be redirected to IndiBlogger site and from where he/she will get all the details of the project like deadline, Press Release and the money that will be paid after the work. Then the influencers do their research and publish their articles.

IndiBlogger launched

IndiBlogger launched

Anoop Johnson, Co-founder & Director of Marketing at IndiBlogger, adds, “With a starting budget of just USD 150, a business of any size will be able to get their press releases published by influential bloggers with a few clicks.”

Brands can expect upto 5 blogs in that budget and brands will be having authority to choose the right blog for their business marketing and promotions.

Karthik DR, Co-founder & Business Head at IndiBlogger says, “The amount of time that people spend in trying to identify and contact influencers is huge. With, you don’t have to worry about any of this as the system just needs your Press Release. The rest is history!”

IndiBlogger is really a best for Digital Marketers, frankly speaking, I am on IndiBlogger from the last 2 years and I am too much happy that I am part of it. There are so many benefits to being a member or part of IndiBlogger, you will come to know about your city bloggers and the meets around.

Renie Ravin, the Founder, and CEO of IndiBlogger says, “We believe that this system will help Influencers with fresh and new content on their site every day. In a way, you could be writing about the next Google without even realising its immense potential.”

IndiBlogger has also promised that the influencers who will deliver the work on time and get good ratings those influencers will be able to get more creative assignments in future and also will be on priority list and not only this but also influencers will get special media invitations to attend the trendiest launch events and be privy to the latest news on the planet before the world wakes up to it.

So, keep blogging and now also earn from Share this Article with your friends and the brands you know.

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