Tricks How to Buy Redmi Note 3 on Flash Sale at and Mi

Tricks How to Buy Redmi Note 3 on Flash Sale at and Mi

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is available only during flash sales. Xiaomi Redmi 3 right now is available only on Amazon and site and is expected to go on sale on Flipkart and Snapdeal soon. And on Amazon and it is not available on open sale but on Flash sale. Xiaomi

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

To buy Xiaomi during flash sales is actually very difficult because the phones went out of stock in just 1-2 seconds. So, if you have slow internet connection then don’t even give it a try lolz 😛

So, Here are some tricks to Buy Redmi Note 3 during flash sale easily

There are many extensions, apps, Auto Buy Scripts available which automatically adds the Phone during flash sale in the cart and then it’s very easy for us to checkout.  You can search on google “Auto buy scripts for Redmi note 3 flash sale” you will get a lot of scripts.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

First Simple Method/Trick to Buy Redmi Note 3 during Flash Sale Easily:

The next flash sale of Redmi Note 3 is tomorrow i.e. 23rd March 2016. So, what you have to do is just Create a New Account Now using this LINK. If you will create your new Account using this link you will get Rs 100 Amazon Gift card which you can use for further Purchases. If you have already account and don’t want to get Amazon Gift Card then ignore this.

So, Now Login to your Amazon Account and Register for Redmi Note 3 using this LINK. Once you registered for Redmi Note 3 for 1 Account. Create 2-3 more accounts using different mail ids and other details, Click Here to Sign up for new Accounts in Amazon . Now again register for Redmi Note 3 from all accounts you created. Click Here to Register for Redmi Note 3 LINK. Now, you have registered from 3-4 accounts. That’s it for now. Tomorrow at around 1:55 PM open Your Chrome Browser, Mozilla and if any other you have, also download the amazon mobile app. Open Amazon in all the browsers you opened and Login everywhere from different accounts, Open Mobile app and login their also. Then add your Name, Address and other details for faster checkout.

Then at exact 1:58 PM Search for Redmi Note 3 in Amazon and open the link. And then at exact 1:59:00 refresh your page in all accounts, I mean in all browsers till you can see the countdown.

Once the countdown starts, then be ready keep all things handy, you can even take help of your friends, parents etc. They will login in their devices separately from the accounts you registered.

Now when there be 1 second to go put your cursor at Add to Cart and then hit the Add to cart button when the button gets enabled to click and then do the same in all accounts (other browsers). After this it’s all on your luck. Make sure you have to Checkout ASAP.

So, this was the simple method which you can do to buy Redmi Note 3 prime. If you already have done this in previous sales and you think this will not help you then there are some amazing tricks to buy Redmi Note 3.

Now Below I am going to tell you 2 amazing Tricks to Buy Redmi Note 3

Trick 1: How to Buy Redmi Note 3 Tomorrow During Flash Sale easily:


  1. Open Your Chrome Browser.
  2. Download the Chrome Extension Called “Flash Sale Tricks”.
  3. The FlashSaleTricks Icon will appear to the right corner of the address bar.
  4. Now Click on the ICON of Flash Sale Tricks.
  5. Then Click on Amazon Logo For Redmi Note 3 Sale.
  6. Then Select the Phone Which You Want to Auto Buy.
  7. You will be redirected to the Sale page.
  8. Refresh the page when Counter Time is less than 1 minute.
  9. The Countdown will start.
  10. At 2:00:00 this Auto buy extension will automatically add the phone to your cart.
  11. Now Checkout asap
  12. That’s it Enjoy!

Watch the Video Below for Better Understanding:

Trick 2: How to Buy Redmi Note 3 Tomorrow During Flash Sale easily:

If you don’t have laptop/Desktop then you can install 1 android application called “Flash Sale helper”

Steps to follow:

  1. Install the Flash Sale Helper App in your android phone
  2. Follow the simple instructions (Given in App Details)
  3. Then the Redmi Note 3 will be added automatically to your cart.

Flashsalehelper comes with the Chrome Extension also same as like FlashSaleTricks.

So, you can use Flashsalehelper in your one Device, Flashsaletricks in another device (friends or relatives device). And try your luck.

Comment Tomorrow that whether you were able to Buy Redmi Note 3 with these Methods or not.

Disclaimer: InfiniteTechInfo is not responsible for any loss and we don’t give you any guarantee. Do this on your own Risk.

Comment Below if you have any doubt, your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

All the best for Tomorrow’s Redmi Note 3 Sale: P

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