Top 10 Features of Android M Marshmallow 6.0

Top 10 Features of Android M Marshmallow 6.0

Android M 6.0! Android M (marshmallow) 6.0 will start rolling out from the next week. Google Nexus Devices will the first devices which will receive the Android M 6.0 update.

You should know these Top or Best features of Android M before upgrading your Device to Android M Marshmallow 6.0

Top 10 Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Android M 6.0

Top 10 Features of Android M Marshmallow 6.0

Top 10 Features of Android M Marshmallow 6.0

  1. Supports Fingerprint: Android 6.0 supports fingerprint scanner that helps to unlock the phone, to make purchases for play store apps or for purchase in real life also.
  2. Payments from mobile: Android 6.0 supports payments online through Android Pay & it allows to pay for about 700,000 stores in United States.
  3. Power & Charging: Marshmallow uses a new function which is known as Doze to improve device Stand-By time, it uses  motion detectors which recognizes whether the phone is in use or not , if the phone is not in use it automatically  reduces processes that is happening in the background. Marshmallow supports USB-C that provides fast charging & let users to charge other devices with their phones also.
  4. Auto backup & restore applications: Marshmallow has a feature of auto-backup & also of restoration of apps, if u lose your device or delete any app if u install that app again your previous progress will be restored.
  5. Adoptable storage devices: Android M (marshmallow) supports external storage such as USB drive or SD-card which means that apps & personal data can be freely moved from internal storage to the external storage.
  6. App links: Android M has greater awareness of the apps that can open the content directly & stop dialog box which is open whenever a link is clicked, android M which is much more usable as the many people don’t realize why?
  7. New Web Experience: According to Bruke google chrome new feature gives a developer a way to use all his capabilities & feels better experience & this provides a faster & intuitive experience while navigating between apps & web. New chrome supports automatic sign-in, auto-fill, multi-process security etc.
  8. Improvement in Cut, Copy & Paste: On current android device when you select text many confusing icons appear & don’t figure out what that icons do, in Android M the words like cut, paste, copy will float over text which makes the process easier.
  9. Marshmallow dark theme: Dark theme transform the background to dark grey colour which looks good than the pale shade but in 2nd developer preview of dark theme had been removed permanently but still don’t know why?
  10. Deleting screen-shots: There is a new option of deleting screenshots previously we just had only the option of sharing screenshots from our notification window but now we can delete screenshot from notification window also.
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