LG V10 Android Phone with Two Screens & Dual Front Camera

LG V10 with Two Screens & Dual Front Camera launched

LG Launched new Phone V10 with Two Screens & Dual Front Camera

LG V10 Android Smartphone

LG V10 Android Smartphone. Image Credits: Techradar

On this Thursday LG announced V 10 which is the first phone of its V-series Smartphones, at the same event South Korean company also launched the new edition of LG watch Urbane 2nd which has cellular capabilities.

In LG V-10 smartphone the 2nd screen is located as an inset display above  5.7-inch main display screen, the Urbane 2nd edition is the first android watch which has cellular connectivity & this watch can work with or without smartphone, & have 4g, 3g, Wi-Fi even have Bluetooth connectivity.

V 10 smartphones will hit markets of Korea this month, followed by US, China, Asia etc. markets, even  Urbane 2nd will be firstly available in US & Korea.

The 2nd screen of  LG V-10 is to be set up as “Always On” so that it can display useful features like weather, news etc. only when main display is off. When main display is on 2nd screen is used to launch shortcuts & launch apps of your choice.

V-10 has 5mp dual front camera with separate lenses so that any can take selfies at 80 degrees & at 120 degrees. V-10 records video in 3 resolutions-HD, FHD or UHD & expected ratio is 16:9 standard or 21:9 cinematic.

It has Dura Guard frame that secures the display & also saves phone from hard bums & tumbles. The company said that the frame of the V-10 is made of stainless steel of grade SAE 316L & this steel is used to make surgical tools & high-end watches.

LG has also added finger print scanner to V-10 to unlock it & turn on the display at the same time, the sensor in United States works with android pay, knock code is also a feature of V-10.

Colours available of LG v-10:-

  • Space black
  • Luxe white
  • Modern beige
  • Ocean blue
  • Opal blue
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