Gifts you should buy for your sister this Raksha Bandhan

Gifts you should buy for your sister this Raksha Bandhan

Here are the some suggestions for you to buy gifts for your sister on Raksha Bandhan 2015

Raksha Bandhan commonly known as Rakhi in India is celebrated with great love and duty between brothers and sisters.
Rakhi strengthens the relations between brother and sister whether both the boy and girl are relatives or biologically unrelated. It is also called as Rakhi Purnima celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs. So here are some suggestions what you should gift to your sister on this auspicious occasion-Raksha Bandhan

1. Collage – Raksha Bandhan Gift

That will be the cutest gift. Make the collage of photos that are very memorable. Childhood photos will be more suitable for the collage. This collage will be of great value for your sister and this will strengthen the brother sister relationship.

2. Kitten – Raksha Bandhan Gift

That would sound a little weird but believe me guys this will be worthy. Girls will surely love this and this will be the symbol of love for your brother sister relationship.

3. Dress – Raksha Bandhan Gift

Yes boys that is also a great idea. Buy her the dress she likes the most and yes the colour should be her favourite color.

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4. Handbags – Raksha Bandhan Gift

Give your sister a handbag. But remember the colour of the handbag should be her favourite colour. Her favourite will play an important role to make your sister happy on this occasion.

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5. Chocolates – Raksha Bandhan Gift

Yes this will also be of great importance. Give her a lot of chocolates.

6 Watch – Raksha Bandhan Gift

Give her watch that she likes. But remember boys colour selection is important. Colour must be her favourite colour. A fastrack watch will do the work for you to make your sister happy.

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7 Movie – Raksha Bandhan Gift

Boys buys the tickets of a movie show for your sister spend the whole day with her. This will surely make her day and will make this Raksha bandhan memorable for her.

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8. Adlabs Imagica/ Aqua Imagica – Raksha Bandhan Gift

If you are from Pune (India) then going to Imagica is really a good choice spend the whole day with your sister and if possible take her and your friends too. Imagica is a good place where you can enjoy a lot and also the day would be memorable.

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So, guys what you are waiting for only one day is remaining for Raksha bandhan. Go out and grab the gifts for your sister and make this Raksha bandhan a memorable day for her. \

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Happy Raksha Bandhan 2015 To all of you from iTi

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