WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Feature Activation Servers are down from last 2 days

WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Feature Activation Servers are down from last 2 days

Whatsapp free Voice calling feature officially arrived in India Last week and it first comes in Version 2.11.561 then on next day 2 latest versions 2.12.5 and 2.12.7 were launched and WhatsApp Version 2.12.5 is available on Android Play Store and WhatsApp Version 2.12.7 is available on WhatsApp Official Website, you can update from anywhere because right now these three versions have got WhatsApp Voice Calling Activated.

WhatsApp Voice Calling Servers Down

WhatsApp Voice Calling Servers Down

The WhatsApp free Voice Calling will gets Activated only on Invite basis that is when someone will call you and then your receive the call and accept the call and then disconnects the call after few seconds, after that your whatsapp calling feature will be activated or enabled. If you have the version 2.11.560 still you can talk on whatsapp call but only you will receive the call and cannot make the call, to make the call you have to update your whatsapp to the latest version.

On 13 March, 2015 the official WhatsApp calling was arrived in India in Version 2.11.561 and then everyone was able to activate his/her free voice calling feature by receiving the WhatsApp calls from other users who have got their WhatsApp calling feature enabled. And the same thing continues on 14th March and goes well and everyone was able to activate his/her whatsapp voice call. But from 10 am on 15th March no one is able is activate his/her whatsapp calling feature.

This means the Servers are down temporarily and hope Servers will be up soon. There are many persons who have got calls/invites from their friends and they even accept the calls but still the UI is not changed. The people who have got Whatsapp calling feature enabled are calling their friends but the UI is not getting changed in the friend’s whatsapp but they are able to talk in this feature.

Yesterday, I received lot of comments, messages etc.  And everything was related to WhatsApp calling activation. Some of them are:

“I updated my version of whatsapp but not got the User interface”

“When I will get my whatsapp calling activation automatically?”

“I followed all the steps but still not get enabled”

“2-3 persons have called me but my whatsapp feature is not activated”

“When will be the whatsapp calling activation servers up?”

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There is no update or report that when the WhatsApp calling Activation servers gets up. Everyone is waiting for the servers to gets up so that everyone can use WhatsApp free voice calling. But still i suggest you keep on trying, anytime the servers will get up.

UPDATE : WhatsApp Activation are now finally Up

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