Now Enjoy Free Video Calling Feature on Your Mozilla Firefox Browser

Now Enjoy Free Video Calling Feature on Your Mozilla Firefox Browser – No Sign in, Sign Up required

Mozilla Firefox simply called as Firefox. Firefox is one of the top browser in the world. Mozilla Firefox was launched in around 2002, 12 years ago from now. Firefox is designed for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Mozilla Firefox today announced the free Video Calling Feature in Firefox Browser. Now a new option is enabled by firebox in your browser and that is video calling feature and the video calling feature in Firefox is powered by Telefonica. This Video Calling feature is not a full version, it a Beta Version just to Test this feature and soon the full feature will be released.

Steps To Make a Free Video Call on Mozilla Firefox Browser

  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and you will find a Smile Emotion at right top side where three Horizontal lines are present to browse the options of Firefox.
  2. If you did not find the same, then update your Firefox browser first.
  3. After updating the Firefox browser, you will see that option.
  4. Click on that Emotion and it will show you a small box and then you will see a small Rectangular Blue box labelled with “Start a Conversation”.
  5. Click on Start a Conversation and then your Web cam will be opened and you will see the video calling box in the bottom at the left side. You can turn off your video and voice in the same box.
  6. In the video calling box there will be a message “Invite Someone to join you” and just below it there are two small blue boxes and labelled with Email Link and Copy Link.
  7. Click on Email Link or Copy Link, if you copy the link then the link will be automatically copied and then you can share that link with anyone to whom you want to connect.
  8. When you share the link, after that when the other person to whom you have shared the link opened the same link, he will get connected with you on Mozilla Firefox Video Call.
  9. Now that’s it, Enjoy free Video calling on Firefox.
  10. No Sign In or Sign Up is required to make a video call. Just simply follow the simple steps above mentioned.

Over To You

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Just drop your question in the comment box below. Your comments are always welcomed. And also share your video calling experience here and tell us to whom you shared the link first.

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