WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Starts Rolling Out

WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Starts Rolling Out



Yes, it’s true that WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Starts rolling out. As we all know that WhatsApp is leading mobile application in social network. WhatsApp has made the smartphone users to stop using their “SMS” service. Today, WhatsApp is being used all over the globe.

It was the Reddit user Pradnesh Patil having id “pradnesh07” who posted the update about the WhatsApp free voice calling feature of WhatsApp. He posted some screenshots and videos too. The video that Patil uploaded shows that there will be a separate screen for the voice calling. And there will be separate screen for call logs and ongoing calls too.

Patil added that WhatsApp free voice calling feature will be available in the latest version of WhatsApp (2.11.508) only and this Updated version is not available in Android Play Store yet, but it is available only on the WhatsApp website. So, you can update your WhatsApp 2.11.505 to 2.11.508 Version from Official Website of WhatsApp. The voice calling feature in WhatsApp will not be available for all the users as WhatsApp is further testing this feature and WhatsApp has still not announced this feature.

And till Today, Only Lollipop Users have received this update and Voice Calling Interface. No update in KitKat 4.4.4 till yet.

According to the CEO of WhatsApp Jan Koum, the delay for the release of this feature was only because the developers were facing the technical hurdles.

Now with this new voice calling feature and the popularity of WhatsApp it will be a great competition for other mobile applications that are used for social networking such as Viber, We Chat and Line, as they have already allowed their users to make a voice call to their contacts. WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app in the world today with more than 700 million active users.

Click here to get the WhatsApp Version 2.11.508 (For Android)

How to Activate Voice Calling Feature

There is a Trick by which you can activate Voice Calling Feature in WhatsApp but to use this trick, your phone must be rooted and this trick works on Jellybean, KitKat also.

Steps To Activate Voice Calling Feature

  • Open File Manager, I suggest ES File Explorer go to data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_pref
  • Open the file com.whatsapp_preferences.xml with ES Note Editor or any other Text Editor you have.
  • Add Some more lines in the files just below the <map> tag.         

                   <boolean name=”call” value=”true” />

                   <string name=”call_allowed”>all</string>

Save this file and Restart Your Phone and you will see the Voice Calling Interface..

NOTE : Your Must Be Rooted 

See the ScreenShot Below :

Xml File

Xml File     Pic Credits: Aniket (Aquicklookat)

DISCLAIMER: “If anything wrong happens to your device, Infinitetechinfo.com is not responsible for the same. So, Do it on your own Risk.”

If any one Using KitKat Version or below has got Voice calling interface and invite too, please left a comment. Your comments are always welcomed!!!

WhatsApp recently announced WhatsApp SIM

IMG Credit : Tech.Thaivisa

IMG Credit : Tech.Thaivisa

WhatsApp has also recently announced WhatsApp SIM and WhatsApp Web Version

WhatsApp will also be launching its own SIM called as WhatsApp SIM. WhatsApp in partnership with E-Plus, will launch a new SIM which will give unlimited WhatsApp usage. E-Plus is a mobile communication company which is situated in Germany.  With the Help of this SIM you can have access to WhatsApp at any time and at anywhere. Now you don’t need to have a Data Pack or require Wifi Connection to access the WhatsApp but with this WhatsApp SIM you can access Your WhatsApp without paying high charges, it’s almost free you can say. You just have to purchase the SIM and the Price of WhatsApp SIM Starter will be around 10 Euro.

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