Starbucks from Long Queues to Mobile Order & Pay

Starbucks from Long Queues to Mobile Order & Pay

Starbucks now made it easy to place your order by your smartphone while sitting in the Starbucks cafe.



As we all are familiar with the name Starbucks, it is the Seattle based company and perhaps the most advanced coffee chain. And it is the most advanced mobile payment company in the United States. Starbucks is currently having about 12,000 stores in the United States. It is estimated that 47 million transactions are processed by Starbucks every week. And about 7 million of those transaction are made with the Starbucks mobile application. Now the stats show that about 15 percent of the total transactions are made with this Starbucks Mobile Application.

Starbucks Mobile App

Actually, this mobile application is the part of the Starbucks loyalty program. If the customer places an order, the customer receives stars. Now you may be thinking about these stars. These stars are sort of point system. You can get a free drink with these stars. You can get these stars when enough purchases have been made by the customer. All you need to do is place the order with a Barista, open this Starbucks mobile application on your phone, tap the “Pay” and then wave the phone with a barcode displayed at a reader by the cash register.

Now Starbucks is looking to streamline the process by removing most of the interaction between Barista and customer. Starbucks launched a new feature in their mobile application called “Mobile Order & Pay” Starbucks allows its customers to place an order on their smartphone device and pay for their order before they enter into their nearest Starbucks Coffee Store. The major reason to launch this application is to reduce the queue at the cash register. The reason behind the long queues in the Starbucks coffee store is not due to the espresso maker or the Frappuccino blenders, but the problem is at the cash register where the regular customer mix with the tourists. The regular customers know what they want whereas the tourist inspects the menu and it takes time, resulting into the long queues. With this “Mobile Order & Pay” feature the regular customer can order their favourite drink at their homes and pay for it, so they do not need to stand in long queue at the Starbucks Coffee store.

This new feature will allow Starbucks to eliminate this problem and this prepaying and preordering system will boost up for the regular customers and this will allow the customers to wait for a little more and pick up another drink especially if your drink is already ready and waiting for customer.

The Starbucks Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman told WIRED, “We designed this “Mobile Order & Pay” feature make our customer feel just like a natural extension from an experience perspective.” He also said, “With the 7 million transactions within a week, I believe the Starbucks most loyal customers including my wife will get a chance to skip the line. This will first launch in Poland Oregon, and then gradually city by city it will be launched in the United States throughout 2015. Starbucks: From Long Queues to Mobile Order & Pay

How this new feature “Mobile Order & Pay” works??

1.      Click on the “Order” tab at the top right of your smartphone screen.

2.      Select the food and beverages item to order.

3.      Select the store you want to go.

4.      Confirm the order.

5.      Move to the store and have your order.

However, it is not clear how Starbucks will know when the customer will arrive in the store. But they must have found some way to tackle with this situation. Starbucks is also planning to have a delivery service as well.


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