Google AdSense Alternatives

Google AdSense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives

As Google AdSense is considered the Highest paying Advertising Network CPC (Cost per Click) for the websites. Google pays you for the clicks done on his ads displayed on your website/blog. But For Getting Google AdSense Approved, you have to follow so many Google AdSense policies. Many Bloggers initially failed to get the Google AdSense Approved and even many Websites gets banned by Google. But it’s not the end, if your Application is rejected then don’t worry find out the errors and fix them and then send again for the Google AdSense Approval. And if your website is banned then you cannot send it for Google AdSense again and at this time many bloggers quite blogging because they think that now there is no source from which I can earn from my website. But actually it’s not true but can still earn from your website.

Here are Some Ways from Which You Can Earn

  • Cost Per Click Advertising Networks
  • Affiliate Marketing/Affiliate Programs

Cost per Click Advertising Networks

There are many Google AdSense Alternatives or Programs Like Google Adsense or Highest paying Google Adsense Alternatives which also pays you on the click but their CPC is very low as compared to AdSense but if you have a good traffic and visitors from almost all countries then you are going earn good money. Some Alternatives to Google AdSense:, ClickSor, Qadabra, Superlinks, Chitika, Infolinks, Viglink, Avdersal, Adengage etc.

1. is the best high paying Ad Network by Yahoo and Bing but Approval for is little bit difficult because wants the targeted traffic. ads are similar to Google ads. have various policies, Terms & Conditions like Google AdSense if you passed their policies and Conditions then your request to ads will be approved.

Payments via PayPal and Wire Transfer

Minimum Pay Out: $100

2. Qadabra

Qadabra is another Ad Serving Network, Qadabra ads are also similar with Google ads but their CPC is very low. CPC depends on the traffic of your blog but still very low CPC. No Policy/Terms & Conditions, anyone can apply.

Payment via PayPal, Payoneer Prepaid card, Wire Transfer

  • PayPal Minimum Pay Out: $1
  • Payoneer Prepaid Card: $20
  • Wire Transfer: $500
3. ClickSor

ClickSor is Textual based Ad network, which gives a little bit more CPC than Qadabra. ClickSor also has an Affiliate Program and you can earn more by referring ClickSor to your visitors. . No Policy/Terms & Conditions, anyone can apply.

Payments via Check and Wire Transfer

  • Check Minimum Pay Out: $50
  • Wire Transfer Pay out: $100
4. Chitika

Chitika is Text based Ad Network, earning depends on your traffic more the traffic to your blog, more will be your earnings. And Chitika does not have any Policy or Conditions to pass, anyone can apply.

Payments via PayPal and Check

  • PayPal Minimum Pay Out: $10
  • Check Minimum Pay Out: $50
5. Infolinks

Infolinks is also an Ad Providing Network but Infolinks does not give the banner ads or Text ads. Infolinks hyperlinks your text with Advertisement, Infolinks provide inText, inFrame, inTag, infold.

Payments via PayPal, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Payoneer

Minimum Pay Out: $50

Click here :> To Sign up for Infolinks

Affiliate Programs

You can also earn from different Affiliate Programs. Affiliate is basically referring the product to your visitors and earning commission from them. Some e-commerce websites which provide Affiliate Programs are: Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal, Jabong, ClickSor, HelloTravel etc.

To Signup up for any affiliate program just enter the home URL and then backslash affiliate

For Example:

Or you can also Search on Google like : Amazon Affiliate or Snapdeal Affiliate

How Affiliate Works

When you sign up for any affiliate program, you will find banners, text ads etc. and when you put them in your blog and if any visitor clicks on the banner and purchases the same then you will get the commission of the purchased amount. The Percent Commission vary from product to Product and you may also get high commission rates on special Days etc.

So, if your AdSense is banned or rejected then Don’t Worry, You can still earn From Your Blog. The Thing which you have to do is only increase traffic to your blog and Write Quality posts…..

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