World of Technology

World of Technology

Technology is at its peak in Current State, now a days people without using the technology cannot live specially the teenagers because they want the work to get done without doing anything.


Technology is basically the collection of Techniques. In Today’s State of Humanity’s Knowledge of How to Mix up The things to produce the Desired Products which is used to Solve Problems, Give Comfort, Save Time, Accuracy, Speed, Save Labour etc. is called Technology.

Before 20th Century there were No Mobile Phones, No Luxury Cars, No Metro Rail Services, and Even No Internet. The Concept of Internet Was Given By The US Defence to Communicate between their Battalion, Camps but this service was used only by US Defence, then after Sometime Internet Network Was Globally Launched and Can be Accessed by any person, then further Email, Social Networking Sites and other Communication Services were launched and now a days Every Work is Done on Internet Whether Money Transfer, Interviews, Resumes,Marriages,Deals,Accounts,Meetings,Conferences,Video Calls on Skype And Facebook. Facebook is the Most Popular Social Network in the World at present.

Everything you use and which saves your time and makes your work easy is called Technology, like Mobile Phones/Tablets/ipads, Laptops, Video Chat, Automatic Cars, Driver Less Cars also Google Has Recently Launched Driverless Cars Which Runs On Sensors That really a big Achievement in The Field of Autonomous Cars by Google and the Software on which the Google Cars Work is called Google Chauffeur. This Car Doesn’t Have a Steering Wheel and other Controlling Systems like Normal Cars have. Now a days Robots are also used in place of Humans in Industries, Hotels, Factories etc.

In Today’s Generation without Technology Human Cannot do anything, from the morning to the night We are using Technology Directly or Indirectly For Alarm We use our Gadgets, for breakfast we use Microwave etc. For Storing Food Items We Use Refrigerator, For Locking our Rooms We Touch Technology i.e. Password No metal Keys, for the rest of the day we use Technology in one way or the different way.Attendence in office and Schools is now done in Fingerprint Scan Machine or By Swapping the Ids.ATM Is there whenever we want money we can get it easily anytime, anywhere or if we want to transfer money to anyone we can do it whether in ATM or by Mobile also. Robots are now used in houses for household works for Cleaning, Gardening, Security etc.

Smartphones and Internet have totally Changed the Life because almost all Homework and Office work is done with help of mobile, like online mobile recharge, Bill Pay, Electricity Bill Pay, Tax Pay, Insurance Premiums or any other EMI’s.Applying For a Job, Video Calling. Accessing Social Networks and getting connected to the whole world. Submitting Assignments, Online Lectures, Online Jobs, online Exams, Online Shopping: In Today’s life people do not prefer to go outside to purchase something due to shortage of time, Traffic, Budget but now due to online shopping you can purchase the things from your home and also that fits your budget, GPS which to used to find the Exact Location of Any place, person, Also we have many applications from which we can find nearby Atm, Hotels, Petrol Filling Stations, hospitals, Food Courts etc.

Also in the Medical Field, Technology is growing up day by day and yet it has achieved a lot. Many Medical Equipment’s/Devices are launched which are used to Detect the Cancer and Can Damage the cancer cells also. Now a days Doctor can get his/her patient details just on one click. Patients can also contact their Doctors by sitting at their homes. Also  ICD-10 is using in Medical practices now a days and it is the latest version of Diagnostic Tool. Also in Capsule Size new small Camera is inserted in the body which in 0.1 seconds takes many pictures in the internal side of the body so that we could come to know about the real cause of the disease.

Technology has really changed the Human’s life in every field. Technology has many disadvantages also. Now we have 3-D, 5-D which gives us the real experience of feeling the actions in movies or in games. You can Access any computer in the world from your machine with the help of softwares.Touch Technology which is first launched by Apple, it was the great step by Apple in the Field of Technology. We have now Gorilla Glasses and other High Quality glasses which are very hard to break and Scartchless, these glasses are mainly used in the smartphones.

Skybuses are also launched and these buses works on the magnetic principle. The Wheels of these are at the upper side and the wheels are on the track at the upper side, Bullet Trains, Magnetic Trains are also there, there speed is around 340 km/hr. Metro Services are also in India which saves our time and is safe travelling.

So, Every Field Works with the help of Technology, Technology is growing Day by Day ,Science is Converting Our Dreams into Realities but technology should be used only for human benefits, not for wars and other bad or illegal activities.

Here is the List of Some Things Which Really Makes your Life Easy



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PS, Xbox

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