It’s a Big Problem or always a Question that why my Pc is also. When you Purchase a New PC or Laptop it will run faster for few days but after sometime it starts Hanging or Not Responding when you try to do multiple tasks it’s because you have installed many things and and your temp. memory and cache memory takes your more space and uses Ram. So now what to do ?

First you have to clean your Desktop that is you have to move the files to your drive. Do not keep Files or Folders on Your Desktop because on Start Up it takes time to Refresh or To show the Desktop Files and Folders and always try to keep your desktop clean.

Now go to Start Menu then go to run or use shortcut keys WINDOWS+R  and then in Run Command type temp and then press Ok, select all files CTRL+A and then Delete the files Permanently SHIFT+DELETE.Again Open Run Command and type %temp press ok select all files and Delete them permanently. After this you will feel your Pc is little bit faster now.

After this Process, Go to My Computer then Right Click On C Drive and Choose Properties Option and then Select Disk Clean up Select all Files in the new Window and Delete or Clear all.

By these Processes Your Cache Memory And Temp. Memory is Cleaned And Your Pc will Work Faster than Before. There is one More Trick By which you can Fastens Your Pc and the Process is as follows: Open Notepad and type MyString=”512000″ and save the file in Ram.vbe extension On your Desktop and then close the Notepad now Double Click on the Icon Which you Find on The Desktop for 3-4 times nothing is opened. After doing this use your pc that open anything you will find the difference, the opening time of any file or folder is very fast. And whenever you Start your Pc just do some clicks on the Icon and then use.

Also RAM matters, Ram Plays the Main Role in the Speed of the PC, Check your Ram Also if you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 then Minimum RAM should be 2GB if it is less than this then your PC works slow. And if you have low configured System then do not use Heavy Antivirus Like Norton Antivirus, Quick Heal etc. No Doubt that these Antivirus are Very Good and Removes the Viruses but these Antivirus do not work properly on Machines which have low Ram i.e. below 2GB. Also Do not install many Games and Applications which you do not you use regularly. When you want them install them and then Uninstall. Also if you have low configured machine then do not install more than one Windows Os.If u do so it also makes your PC to Work Slow. Always Keep your Machine in Cool Place and Do not Cover your Cabinets and atleast in a month try to open Your Cabinet and Remove RAM and clean your RAM, Motherboard, Fans and other things, Change Your CMOS battery after  2-3 Years. And Try to Format Your System atleast after 6 Months. Whenever you use pen drives or any other External Storage Memory, first scan the same and then use it.

The Above All tips and tricks  were only for Windows Operating System not for Linux. Because these things in Linux are Automatically Done and Linux is Secured Operating System  than Windows Operating System  and has Very Good Performance than Windows Operating System also Linux is Open Source, Linux Operating System is totally Different than Windows Operating System.

Also Scan your Full System every week with any good updated antivirus and remove all Threats and Viruses. Also While Formatting the System try to make 3 Drives so that you can easily format the drive if you found any malware in it. And Also When You Install the Games and the applications change the path of saving the data to any drive but not on the drive in which operating system is installed. Always Clear the Recent Views or Recent Places.

There are also many Tips by which you can make to run your PC faster. But the above Mentioned are commonly used and Really Helps in Fastening the System.

So this was how you can Make your PC/Laptop to Run Faster.

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